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The IDEAL Fastener Difference


Throughout our nearly 80 year history we have had one goal: to make IDEAL Fastener Corporation synonymous with the highest level of quality, service and innovation.

Service is what truly sets IDEAL apart from the competition. Our worldwide network of owned &operated and joint venture factories, global marketing & liaison offices, and distribution facilities means that our customers get consistent quality worldwide and receive rapid response on orders of both basic and specialty zippers. Our staff of professional sales people, engineers and managers are all focused on one goal – your success.

Quality Through Vertical Integration
At IDEAL, “precision” is the watchword. Each zipper element we make is manufactured to within .001” tolerance and every step in the manufacture of IDEAL® zippers and components is subject to the most rigorous controls and inspection – over 47 distinct control points are checked and double checked before an IDEAL® zipper is shipped from one of our factories.

At IDEAL we try to be as independent of outside resources as possible. To that end, we maintain our own staff of design engineers, our own drafting room, machine tool & mold shop, weaving factory, dye house, plating factory, die casting and stamping factory, and precision testing lab.

By controlling every step in manufacturing, we ensure that we are able to consistently manufacture the highest quality zippers in the world. IDEAL is ISO 9001:2008, SA8000, ISO14001 and Oeko-Tex Certified.

Customization & New Development
Our expertise in customization is unmatched—from custom color matching, to unique sliders and pulls, we can create nearly any zipper our customers need. Not only can we design and build whatever you need—we do it quickly. Our standard development time for new molds and special custom tapes is only 3-4 weeks. Custom lab dips are even shorter at 7-10 days. We offer a huge variety of finishes including nickel-free and Nisnek™, non ferrous finishes. No idea is too difficult for our team of innovative engineers—if you need it we can build it.