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Denim Zippers - Metal Zippers for Jeans


Manufacturing metal zippers since 1936 and supplying early jeans makers with zippers as they crafted what was to become an icon of American Style, IDEAL continues to supply the world’s leading jeans brands.  While styles and washes change, a durable zipper remains essential and we provide a variety of jeans-appropriate zipper and pull options for dependable wear and savvy branding.  


  • Smooth metal zippers for style and strength withstand the demands of active lifestyles
  • Appropriate zippers for varied denim weights
  • Custom zipper pull options to enhance brand image and recognition


  • Recommended: #4.5 metal zipper for up to 13 ounce denim; #4.9 or #5 metal zipper for 14 ounce denim & above
  • For enzyme/stone washed garments, zippers should be tested for after wash appearance (Note: Certain finishes have a tendency to change after enzyme/chemical washes)
  • Use a solid brass Semi lock slider


  • To facilitate production by jeans/pant manufacturers, IDEAL leases fully automatic and semi-automatic  zipper assembly machines
    • Bottom Stop with Slider Jig
      Semi-automatic machine with electric drive for bottom stop attachment to metal or poly-coil zippers with slider “jig” (holder) for manually attaching slider
    • Slider Position with Bottom Stop
      Semi-automatic machine with electric and pneumatic drive for slider and bottom stop attachment to metal zippers
    • Gapping Cut-Apart Machine
      Semi-automatic machine for gapping and cutting of metal zippers (continuous chain) with sewed fly
    • Conveyor Sew Serge:
      Semi-automatic sewing machine which sews continuous metal zipper chain to flies
    • Top Stop Machine
      Semi-automatic machine with electric drive for top stop attachment to metal zippers